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Smart Clothing Applications for the Emergency Services

Smart Garments

The age of wearables and gadgets is upon us!

The market for wearable devices is starting to gain momentum and companies are trying to figure out how to convince the general population to wear these baby computers…

Not only have wearables caught the imagination of consumers but specialised vertical industry sectors such as the Emergency Services are looking at ways to use at incident scenes across the world.


Firstly this market is expected to grow at a rapid pace. Here are some of the forecasts:

Wearables Market

Wearables define a suite of technology products and services that help to improve your fitness, health, safety, convenience and efficiency levels.

Wearable devices come in different form factors ranging from apparel to jewellery, watches, glasses, clips, headbands and wristbands.

And here are the different elements of a Wearable device that could be used by first responders.

How a wearable works

And here are three key benefits of wearables to the Emergency Services community:

1. Available in attractive & elegant designs
2. Helps to manage health & fitness levels of emergency services personnel.
3. Improves work productivity & efficiency levels


Considered to be the ‘softer’ part of wearables, smart clothing is expected to be used in a wide range of interesting possibilities within the emergency services.

A heart rate sensing shirt is one practical example.

So what’s inside Emergency centric Smart Garments?

Inside Smart Clothing

Inside Smart Clothing

For a start, each garment will require some type of power source.

Secondly, a smart garment will always include some type of sensor.

Specifically, these smart garments will use these sensors to detect and measure the wearer’s heart rate, skin temperature and breathing rate.

And finally there needs to be some element of connectivity that transmit various type of bio-medical data, which is gathered.


Expect to see a rise of smart wearable technology in the near future; an acceleration in the production of intelligently networked textiles made from cutting-edge fabrics.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s on the horizon for Wearables.

Consider what’s happening not as a radical departure from current technology, but rather a natural evolution of mobile devices.

If curious about the use of smart clothing in emergency situations then Click Here.

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