4 Easy Steps To Report A Car Accident To The Emergency Services

In the event of a car accident, whether you are involved or simply a witness, you’ll want to call the emergency services.

The same holds true in when making a 999 emergency call in Great Britain or while dialing the 112 emergency number used throughout Europe.

You’ll want to make sure the proper, emergency services are dispatched as promptly as possible.

For successful 911 calls concerning car accidents, the following four steps are good to remember as a rule of thumb.

#1: Know all of the Specifics About Location to Assist the Emergency Services

You need to give emergency dispatchers as much information as possible regarding the scene of the accident.

Each time 911 calls are made and emergency services are required, first responders need to know the exact location.

If you don’t know the name of the street that you are on, try and find out.

If you are injured or unable to provide that information, give as many details as possible.

Describe the town, the landmarks, and the buildings.

If you are making 911 calls, 999 emergency calls, or calling the 112 emergency number from a mobile device, authorities can pinpoint your coordinates through your cell phone – in some countries.

However, if you know all of the vital details, make sure to convey them in a clear and concise manner.

Identifying accident location will speed up response from Emergency ServicesPhoto Credit

#2: Describe any Injuries to the Emergency Services

If anyone has been hurt in the accident, including yourself, the 911 emergency services dispatcher needs to know this information promptly to ensure emergency services will include paramedics.

The emergency medical services may be required for certain injuries, depending on seriousness.Photo Credit

Try and provide specifics about how many people are injured as well as the type of injury, including if it’s severe.

More than one ambulance may be required.

In the event that a vehicle is on fire, make sure to include this information as well for the fire department.

On the flip side, if there are no injuries, the emergency response dispatcher is likely to send an officer or investigator to fill out a report.

#3: Inform the Emergency Services Dispatcher of Traffic Blockages

If the incident has jammed traffic, make sure the emergency services dispatcher is informed.

Emergency response times can be affected by traffic levelsPhoto Credit

In addition to paramedics and the fire department, extra police officers can be sent to the scene to address traffic control.

A tow truck may be dispatched as well to clear any blockages.

#4: Stay on the Line

Don’t hang up!

During a 911 call, the dispatcher needs to stay connected to be on top of the situation.

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  1. It’s good to know that they can send more than one ambulance if it’s required. My son is leaving for college soon and I want to make sure he knows what to do if he ever gets into an accident. I think it’s smart to put a bunch of numbers in his phone so that it’s easy to find them, like lawyers numbers and emergency services.

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