About the 112 Emergency Number in India

About the 112 Emergency Number in India

What is the 112 emergency number for?

The 112 emergency number is meant for citizens in the 36 states of India to contact whenever there is an emergency or they’re in distress. You can call 112 from any phone whenever you’re in need.

It could be a landline or a mobile phone; using either will get you through to the 112 emergency call dispatchers. You’re meant to emergency call 112 if you need a fire brigade, the police, or ambulance services. It’s also important to note that the 112 emergency no is toll-free.

Why the introduction of 112 when 100 was still in use?

Unlike the 100 emergency number that was initially in use, the 112 number is globally recognized as an emergency number. Most commonwealth nations and European Union member countries have already adopted 112 as their emergency number.

The government aimed to ensure that both the citizens of India and the visitors could easily contact the emergency services.

Also, most of the phones manufactured nowadays come with 112 pre-programmed as the emergency number and could be dialed from a single key. This makes the 112 emergency number a bit more convenient to many people.

What is a panic button and its relation to 112?

As per the guidelines by India’s government, all mobile phones manufactured after January 2017 were meant to have a panic button that mobile phone users could access by pressing the power button consecutively three times.

A panic button is meant to help the person making the emergency call 112 to reach the dispatchers even when they are not in a position to dial the number correctly.

For those who do not have a Smartphone, the panic button feature is also available, and you can activate it by pressing the numeric key number 5 or 9 consecutively. When you do so, your phone will automatically call the 112 emergency number.

Is it possible to call the 112 emergency number from anywhere?

Yes, it is possible. You can make the emergency call 112 from any of the 36 states in India even when your operator network is low or unavailable. Calling the112 emergency number from your mobile phone or landline is both free.

Which language should I speak when I call 112?

There are no restrictions to the language you can or cannot use when you’re calling the 112 emergency number. You can use the language of the state you’re calling from. You can also use English or Hindi since they are the most commonly used languages in India.

If you’re calling the 112 emergency number from a neighboring state, they can always connect your call to your home state so that you can be assisted better.

Do the 100 and 112 emergency numbers serve the same purpose?

Yes, they do. You can decide to use the 100 emergency number in place of 112, and you’ll still get assistance.

The same operators and dispatchers handling the 100 emergency number are also the same ones handling the 112 emergency no. you can call either number when you need the fire brigade, the police, or in case of medical emergencies that require an ambulance.

When is it suitable to call 112?

You are only advised to call the 112 number when you’re in a life or death emergency. If the problem you have is not urgent, you’re supposed to call your local fire brigade, local police, or your medical practitioner within their opening hours.

It’s important to note that some emergencies such as poisoning and suicide attempts have their hotline numbers that the general public can use.

What are the precautions to avoid misdialing the 112 emergency number?

  • Ensure that your handle your mobile phone carefully, more so if the last number you dialed was 112.
  • Before you put your phone in your pocket or purse, ensure that it has a keypad lock on.
  • Be careful with how you press the power button when turning on or rebooting your phone because you could end up triggering the 112 power button.
  • Never call 112 for pranks, jokes, or anything that isn’t an emergency.

Can legal action be taken if I call 112 mistakenly?

The police advise against calling the 112 emergency number for non-emergencies because you always end up taking the time which a genuine caller with a real emergency would have been served.

If you make multiple calls to the 112 emergency number, appropriate legal action could be taken against you.

Is it possible to call foreign 112 call centers from India?

No, it is not. The 112 emergency calls are often directed to the nearest 112 call center from where you made the call.

This also means you can’t contact the 112 call center in India while you’re abroad yourself. If you need to contact the Indian 112 operators from abroad, you can do so through another person in India.

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