20 Top Reasons Why You Need To Call The Emergency Services

When a crisis arises, there’s always that moment of debate.

Should you call for emergency services or not?

You know how important it is to only make 911 calls when it is absolutely necessary. You don’t want to tie up vital assistance that could be needed elsewhere.

However, you want timely help for those in need.

As a rule of thumb, call that emergency number (that you should know by heart) if someone needs aid that you are not qualified to provide.

When in doubt, refer to the top following 20 reasons why you need to call for a 911 emergency:

#1: Heart Attack

In the event that someone is having a heart attack, or suffering the classic signs, call emergency services.

Early warnings of a heart attack include pale skin, a cold sweat, exhaustion, a tightening of the back and chest, indigestion, light-headedness, the inability to catch one’s breath, and pain that radiates from the chest to the arms, shoulders, and neck.

Don’t wait for a full-blown attack!

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If a person should exhibit these symptoms and collapse, the situation is dire. Make that 911 call immediately.

Should you call for emergency services or not?

#2: Choking

Choking can cause death – emergency servicesPhoto Credit

When a person is choking, 911 calls should be made, regardless of the outcome, especially in a public setting.

If bystanders are not able to clear the obstruction and unconsciousness results, time is of the essence. Even if the airway has been cleared, rescue efforts could cause injuries.

#3: A Car Accident

Consider it a 911 emergency when an accident is more than a fender bender. Even in minor incidents, whiplash could occur.

The more serious the situation, the more pressing the need to get help. Don’t remove victims from the car unless there is another threat to their health, such as a fire.

#4: Fire

Fire is a Major reason to Call 911Photo Credit

Whether it’s a house on fire or a vehicle, call that emergency number to get the situation under control.

#5: Severe Bleeding

Severe bleeding is another reason to Call emergency medical servicesPhoto Credit

When bleeding is profuse and can’t be stopped, call for help.

#6: Amputation

In the event that someone amputates a finger, toe, or limb, immediately call 911.

Attempt to apply a tourniquet, pack the digit or limb in ice, and sit tight.

#7: Miscarriage

If a pregnant woman is early in her term and experiences extreme cramping and bleeding, she is likely having a miscarriage.

Let the experts give her the help that she needs.

#8: Diabetic Coma

If you know someone is a diabetic and you are unable to wake that person, an insulin problem is likely to have occurred. Get immediate assistance.

#9: Seizure

If you witness someone having a severe seizure, especially if it is the first incident, call for help.

#10: When a person is too ill to speak

If someone cannot even explain what is wrong and is extremely ill or in pain, call.

#11: Loss of Consciousness

If someone becomes unconscious and cannot be revived, consider it an emergency.

#12: To Report a Home Invasion

If an intruder has entered the home or is still present, attempt to get to safety and call the emergency number.

#13: A Tree or Power Line has Fallen on the Home

If there is any risk to household members due to downed trees or power lines, pick up the phone.

Tree Fallen on Roads is a reason to Call 911

#14: Drowning

Call instantly in the event of someone getting into difficulty in the water.

#15: Severe headache

A 911 call is necessary if someone experiences a sudden, severe headache that is beyond the norm. If changes in vision and vomiting accompany such a headache, it could be a sign of an aneurysm or stroke.

#16: Stroke Symptoms

If a person suddenly cannot speak sensibly, feels weakness on one side of the body, or experiences a drooping on one side of the face, call for help.

The more quickly help comes for a stroke, the better the chances for recovery.

#17: Severe Pain

Should sudden, extreme pain occur with no known cause, call for emergency services.

#18: Coughing or Vomiting Blood

Don’t procrastinate about asking for help is someone is bringing up blood by coughing or vomiting.

#19: Severe Burns

If a burn isn’t minor, be sure to call in order to get the proper treatment.

Severe Burns are a reason to Call Emergency ServicesPhoto Credit

#20: Allergic Reaction

A severe rash, swelling, and the inability to breathe are all signs of an allergic reaction. Call 911 for assistance.

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4 thoughts on “20 Top Reasons Why You Need To Call The Emergency Services

  1. I’m glad you pointed out that you shouldn’t procrastinate calling for help if you are coughing or vomiting blood. My friend has been feeling nauseous and light-headed for the past hour, and she just vomited blood a few minutes ago. I will call emergency services right away.

  2. It’s a great point that chocking is usually considered a 911 emergency. My sister is having a new child that is going to have some health problems. She needs to learn when to call for an ambulance and when it’s ok to just drive herself.

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