4 Steps To Making Successful 911 Calls

Did you know that there are wrong and right ways to make 911 calls?

In the event of a 911 emergency, it is imperative to ensure that emergency services will arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.
911 calls are made every day, yet mistakes are often made.

The result can mean disaster if timely help does not reach the victim to administer timely assistance.

The following, four steps can mean the difference between life and death in order to make a successful 911 call in a moment of need.


#1: Stay Calm

It is an absolute necessity to keep a level head. Emotions will be running high and there is often a desire to panic.

However, 911 operators cannot send out emergency services from a 911 call that is made by someone who is falling apart.

Take a deep breath, count to 10, exhale, and count to ten again. Be patient in the event of a 911 emergency.

The emergency services dispatcher is going to ask questions in order to assess the situation and send the proper type of aid as quickly as possible.

It is important to speak in a coherent fashion in as calm of a manner as can be managed.

#2: Be Clear and Concise

Be prepared with all pertinent information. The victim’s situation, accident, injury, or life-threatening condition will need to be explained clearly.

Emergency services dispatchers will require contact information, an address, and the gravity of the situation.

Indicate whether the phone being used is a landline or a cell phone. Rescue crews sent to the scene are based on geographic location and the appropriate, first responders will be dispatched accordingly.

Make it as simple and straightforward as possible to get the help that is needed.

A 911 emergency operator may be able to give helpful information concerning first aid and care as well. Think of that 911 emergency dispatcher as a 911 lifeline.

Treat this person with respect and courtesy, no matter how dire the situation may be.

Think of that 911 emergency dispatcher as your lifeline.

#3: Listen Carefully and Follow all Instructions During 911 Calls

When making emergency 911 calls, the appropriate emergency services will be dispatched as soon as possible.

After the dispatcher has clarified what has happened and what type of aid is needed, the police, fire department, or paramedics will be sent to the scene.

Do everything as requested. Ask questions concerning proper care and how to administer immediate aid.

The 911 emergency services staff members have been trained to address many situations.

If they don’t know the answers off hand, they are likely to know where to find solutions from other staff members or manuals that are readily available.

#4: Stay on the Line

Calling Emergency Services

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Do not hang up. Even if the phone has to be set down in order to help a victim, do not disconnect.
Continue to keep the 911 emergency services dispatcher informed up to the moment that emergency services are on the scene.

Final Wrap-Up

Make every effort to follow these four steps for 911 calls in hopes of having the best outcome.

With time, patience, and a level head, emergency dispatchers will be able to attend to any situation. With the right information, help will come sooner and in the correct form.

Calling a 911 emergency should never be thought of as a joke. It is a serious undertaking. Only turn to this option for assistance when there appears to be no other course of action.

When in doubt, call 911 and explain the details.

A call may be directed elsewhere if mistaken. Be sincere and honest. Those who respond to 911 calls are there to lend a helping hand.

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out.

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  1. This was incredibly helpful. One time when my grandfather had a stroke, my father, not knowing how to and trying to sound professional and correct, said, “there is an elderly man laying in my front yard.” He was able to get help but we still joke about it today.

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