Learn to use 911,999 & 112 Emergency Call Numbers Correctly


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Smart Clothing Applications for the Emergency Services

Smart Garments

The age of wearables and gadgets is upon us! The market for wearable devices is starting to gain momentum and companies are trying to figure out how to convince the general population to wear these baby computers… Not only have wearables caught the imagination of consumers but specialised vertical industry sectors such as the Emergency […]

Making False Calls To The Emergency Services Is No Laughing Matter!

False Emergency Services Numbers

Did you know false calls have an adverse effect on the emergency services? Believe or not, there are those that think a false 911 emergency call is a joke, but nothing could be further from the truth. Each time that someone places 911 calls that are unfounded, intentional or no, it can get in the […]

Your Guide To The 911, 999 &112 Global Emergency Services Ebook Gift Card

Learn How to Use the 911, 999 & 112 Emergency Services

So, not sure if you know but my emergency services guide all about helping people to understand a little bit more about the ins and outs of 911, 112 and emergency services calls can be digested in numerous ways, including as an: eBook (PDF, Kindle and EPUB formats) As a physical paperback or hardback In […]

Latest Version Of Book Reveals How To Use The 911, 999 & 112 Emergency Services Correctly

Emergency Calls to 911, 112 and 999 Book

Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late – Prepare Yourself And Your Family By Learning All About the Emergency Services – It Could Make the Difference Between Life and Death! Gerard O’Driscoll is happy to announce the publication of the latest version of the ‘Your Guide to the 911,999, 112 Global Emergency Services’ book. The guide […]

Teach Your Kids To Correctly Call 911, 112 & 999 Emergency Numbers

Teach Children How to Call 911

You can never be too prepared in the event of a 911 emergency. Whether you’re making a 911 call in the United States, picking up the phone to dial the 112 emergency number in Europe, or calling for 999 emergency assistance, a call for emergency services is serious business. That being said, you need to […]

Use Texting For 911 Calls

911 Call Texting

Groundbreaking news has hit in the world of emergency 911 calls. Texting, or SMS messaging will soon be offered as another mode of contact when making vital 911 calls for emergency services. In a time when mobile devices are fast becoming the standard method of communication, this is good news for the public. 911 dispatchers […]

10 Cool Nest Smoke Detector Features That Could Save Your Life!

10 Nest Protect Features

Did you know that nearly a billion smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed in homes and business across the United States? The purpose of this army of smoke detectors is make an effort to be proactive in staving off disaster and emergency calls. Half of the country is required by law to make carbon […]

Stay On The Line When On An Emergency Call

Stay On the Line When On An Emergency Call

When you find yourself in the middle of an 911 emergency call, you might be on the verge of panic. You could be the victim of an injury or attack. You may have witnessed something traumatic. During an emergency call, you’ll often find yourself in a dire situation and it may concern someone that you […]

4 Easy Steps To Report A Car Accident To The Emergency Services

4 Easy Steps To Report A Car Accident To The Emergency Services

In the event of a car accident, whether you are involved or simply a witness, you’ll want to call the emergency services. The same holds true in when making a 999 emergency call in Great Britain or while dialing the 112 emergency number used throughout Europe. You’ll want to make sure the proper, emergency services […]

What Happens When I Make A 911 Emergency Call Accidentally?

What Happens When I Make A 911 Emergency Call Accidentally?

You’ve heard all of the warnings when it comes to a 911 emergency. Don’t take that number lightly or call unless there is a true need. Otherwise, vital emergency services could be tied up from helping someone who is in a serious situation, calling for help. If you’re ever wondering exactly what to expect when […]