When To Call Emergency Services In Relation To Your Neighbors?

You know exactly what to do when it comes to a emergency services 911 call that concerns your own home and family. – Right?

However, it might not be as clear-cut when it comes to your neighbors!

You don’t want to stick your nose in where it belongs or make 911 calls unless there truly is a need.

Whether you are call in the event of a 911 emergency, a 112 emergency, or a 999 emergency, here are a few tips about making a call for emergency services for the neighbors.

You Hear Evidence of a Major Fight

If you are at home and hear a commotion at the neighbor’s house, pay attention.

If yelling, shouting, and banging noises continue, consider calling in a 911 emergency.

Emergency numbers can also be used for neighbors.

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This especially holds true if the situation seems to escalate.

If the ruckus becomes louder and there is no end in sight, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If there are children in the household, it is vital that you call for help.

In the end, it may be nothing, but you’d much rather see help on the way, than be witness to a tragedy. If you are worried about causing trouble with the neighbors, you do not need to give your information to the emergency services dispatcher.

When making 911 calls or indeed 999 and 112 emergency calls, in such a situation, explain your circumstances and give the specifics of the location to the authorities.

If you don’t know the neighbor’s address, provide your own to give first responders a location. They will take it from there.

There is a Fire and Emergency Services Notification

Without a doubt, it is a 911 emergency, 112 emergency in Europe, or 999 emergency in the British Isles, in the event of fire.

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Call for emergency services immediately and provide all pertinent details about the location, as well as any potential injuries.

If possible, give your neighbors a safe place to stay while waiting for a response.

There is a Medical Emergency

If you witness a neighbor in medical distress, call for emergency services right away.

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If possible, stay with your neighbor and do not disconnect while making your 911 call.

An emergency services dispatcher will ask you about all of the details concerning your neighbor’s condition, whether it is a health problem or an injury.

First responders will need to know the exact location as well.

Help will be on the way as soon as possible thanks to you.

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