What You Should Do When You Call 911, 112 or 999 Emergency Numbers

What to Do when You Call 911, 112 or 999 Emergency Telephone Number

When people contact emergency numbers, they will likely be confused, afraid, or anxious. This is because most of the calls made to the 911 and 999 emergency services are propelled by life or death situations.

However, before you pick up your phone to make the 999 emergency calls in Great Britain, 112 in Europe, or the 911 emergency call in America, it’s best to be prepared.

Here are some of the things you should do or expect when you contact these emergency numbers;

Know the basic information

After you’ve made the emergency call to the 911, 112, or 999 dispatcher, they will likely ask for some details from you. First, they would like to know your name, the address you’re calling from, and the reason for your call.

If you’re likely to panic in emergency situations, it’s helpful to always have a note by your landline with the important details about you.

Know the right emergency number

Knowing the right emergency number to call for a given emergency might be a challenge for many people. If you’re in America, the 911 emergency number handles all life or death problems.

The same applies to those of you who live in Europe, the 112 emergency number should be dialed.

Through this emergency number, you can get the fire department, ambulance, or the police. You’re advised to call other specific hotlines for other matters that are not urgent, and you will be connected to the non-emergency dispatcher.

In Britain and other countries that use the 999 emergency call, you’re advised only to make the call when you need emergency ambulance services, the fire brigade, or the police. For other matters, there are specific hotlines for that.

Always try to find a landline first

Before you make that 911, 112, or 999 emergency call, it’s better to find a landline first. This is because a landline is the best way to make emergency calls as it can be located a bit more easily and precisely than a mobile phone.

When you use a mobile phone for your 911, 112, or 999 emergency calls, the dispatcher will need to route your call first so that they can determine the location you’re calling from, and this might end up giving no so precise locations.

However, if a mobile phone is the only option you have to contact the emergency services, you can use it but ensure that you give detailed information about everything that the dispatcher asks.

Stay calm

Even though you might be handling a life or death situation on that 911, 112, or 999 emergency call, you’re advised to stay calm during the call. This is because when you’re upset or there is fear in your voice, you might end up sounding unclear to the dispatchers.

However, when you stay calm and collected, the dispatcher can hear you more clearly, and you’re more likely to provide all the necessary information required to get help.

Always be polite to the dispatcher

Whenever you make that 911, 112, or 999 emergency call, you must stay polite and respectful during the call. Even in a life-threatening emergency, you’re not warranted to be rude or insult the emergency personnel.

This is because they are your connection to the emergency services you so urgently require. Being polite with your responses will make the conversation easier, and you’re likely to get the kind of help you need even more quickly.

Remain patient

After you’ve made the 911, 112, or 999 emergency call and reported about the situation at hand, the next part is to remain patient. You need to keep a cool head and wait for the first responders to arrive and assist you.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not the only person who needs the emergency services and that delays might happen. Even if they do, you don’t need to become outraged or irrational towards the emergency personnel.

Listen carefully

It’s important to listen to all the instructions given by the 911, 112, or 999 dispatcher. This is because they have been trained to handles this kind of emergencies, and they’re your best chance of getting help.

In medical emergencies, the dispatchers might offer some first aid tips making it worthwhile to listen carefully.

Prepare your house

After you have made the emergency call and help is on the way, prepare your home to receive the responders.

You can start by turning on the lights, locking away any pets, and unlocking the doors. It’s even more helpful to have someone wait for the responders outside so that they can direct them inside.

Final Thoughts

Observing the above tips will help you get the emergency services you need in the shortest time possible. It’s essential to remain positive throughout the process and show appreciation to the emergency personnel.

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