Frequently Asked Questions About The 112 Emergency Number

FAQ About 112 Emergency Number | What Happens when you Dial 112?

The 112 Emergency no is a widely renowned European emergency number commonly used by residents of 27 member countries of the European Union.

The residents of these countries are allowed to call this number when they need the urgent services of the Fire brigade, medical assistance, or the police.

It’s important to note that when you’re in these member countries, you can call the 112 emergency number for free and from any phone you have, whether landline or a mobile phone.

In which European Union members can I call the 112 emergency number?

The 27 European Union member countries that recognize the 112 emergency numbers are Cyprus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania. Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Finland, France, Malta, Luxemburg, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Croatia.

Which non-European union members use the 112 emergency number?

The 112 emergencies no is also used in South Africa and Switzerland, which are not part of the European Union.

How do I ensure that the emergency services find me easily after calling the 112 emergency number?

The best way to make sure that the emergency services find your address easily is by ensuring that is clear, readable, and visible from the nearest street. Also, it’s important when you make the emergency call 112 to ensure that you describe your exact location thoroughly.

In case your home address isn’t visible from the street, you can tell the operator about the nearest landmark around your home or use the clearest address that is close to your home.

It’s even better after you call 112 to have someone stand outside your home so that they7 can direct the emergency services to your house. If this is not entirely possible, you can always open the door at the request of the 112 operators.

What language should I speak after calling 112?

Whenever you call the 112 emergency number, ensure that you speak the language of the country you’re in. It’s even better to speak fluent English because 21 member countries of the European Union recognize English as an official language.

This means you can get assistance more easily in those countries. However, if you call the 112 emergency number and are not fluent in English, use the language you’re fluent in, and the operator will direct the call to another operator who can assist you.

When Do I call the 112 emergency number?

It’s appropriate to call the 112 emergencies no when you need urgent help from medical centers, the fire brigade, or the police. If there is no urgency in the reason for your call, you can always opt for the local police or the nearest medical center.

There are even emergency numbers for specific matters such as suicide hotlines, poisoning hotlines, among others. Below are some of the specific cases that an emergency call 112 is appropriate;

  • In case a building, car, or even a forest is on fire.
  • If an accident has occurred and people are wounded or presumed dead.
  • When someone in your home is unconscious, bleeding, or suffocating and you can’t stop it.
  • In case you witness a robbery or an attempted one.
  • When you’re a victim of assault or abuse.
  • When you notice that someone has broken into your home or is attempting to do so.
  • If there has been a fire and there are people stuck inside.

Incidences when the 112 emergency call isn’t appreciated

  • When you’re joking around about a false alarm.
  • To confirm if the 112 number works.
  • To order a pizza, cab, or any other form of home delivery.
  • When you’re locked out of your home.
  • When you’re attempting to ask general questions that you can get answers to online or from other people.

How much will it cost for an intervention of ambulance services after calling a 112 emergency number?

After you’ve contacted the 112 emergency number, the cost of emergency ambulance services is often covered by the person being transported. The cost is usually fixed and you can find more about it from your insurance company or the medical center.

Why was the 112 emergency number introduced in the European Union?

The council of the European Union decided on the 112 emergency number because it’s easy to remember. This ensures that people visiting any of the European Union countries can easily get emergency services easily without remembering all the local emergency numbers.


The 112 emergency number service is always on 24/7 every day of the week for anyone visiting or residing in the European Countries. However, it’s important to use the emergency line when only in distress so that you can be assisted accordingly.

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