Latest Version Of Book Reveals How To Use The 911, 999 & 112 Emergency Services Correctly

Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late – Prepare Yourself And Your Family By Learning All About the Emergency Services – It Could Make the Difference Between Life and Death!

Gerard O’Driscoll is happy to announce the publication of the latest version of the ‘Your Guide to the 911,999, 112 Global Emergency Services’ book.

The guide helps people to properly communicate with a 911, 112, 999 emergency control operator, so that you get the kind of help that you or someone else may need in a hurry!

In other words this book provides information that that could ultimately save a family member, a total stranger or indeed your own Life!

At some point in your life, you may need to call the emergency services such as Firemen, Police, or Medical Personnel.

By being prepared for calling the emergency services, you can get the help you need much more quickly which can often make a big difference.

The book (Available in ebook and print formats) is designed to equip the reader with all the key skills and knowledge needed to:

  • Evaluate a potential emergency.
  • Summon the right kind of emergency response help when its needed.
  • Conduct the most effective call for help.
  • Educating others on correct procedures, including children.

The book will also allow you to understand the differences in history, structure and practice of 911, 999 and 112 emergency systems around the world.

This book is intended to be read by the following people:

  • Anyone who wishes to better understand the emergency services.
  • Anyone who wants to be prepared in case of an emergency.
  • Anyone who is concerned that they might not know what to do in case of emergency either at home or abroad.
  • Anyone with an interest in the emergency services, their systems or technology.
  • Anyone who’d like the reassurance of having an emergency services reference guide to hand either at home or abroad.

The chapters emphasized in the book are;

Chapter 1: About the Emergency Services

This short video that explains the contents of chapter one, namely an introduction to emergencies.

Chapter 2: 999 Emergency System Overview

This video explains the content of chapter two, namely all about the 999 emergency numbers system. Topics such as when to call the emergency phone numbers and how the 999 emergency number is covered in this chapter of the guide.

Chapter 3: 911 Emergency System Overview

This video describes the contents of chapter three, namely all about the 911 emergency numbers system. In addition to covering the top 20 reasons why you might need call 911, this video also explains the evolution of the 911 emergency numbering system and what to expect when you do call 911.

Chapter 4: 112 Emergency System Overview

The contents of chapter four are covered in this short video, namely how the 112 emergency system is developing and what happens when you make a 112 emergency call.

Chapter 5: Communication Channels to Summon Help To An Emergency

An overview of different ways and pieces of equipment that you can use to call an emergency number covered in chapter 5 are provided in this video.

Chapter 6: Dealing With the Emergency Services When Abroad Or Away From Home

This final video in this post explains the contents of chapter six, namely dealing with an emergency call when away from home.

The book is part of the Emergency Services Awareness Project (ESAP) initiative, which plans to teach 1 million families worldwide to use the 911, 999 and 112 systems and is available at Amazon.

Click Here to Grab a Copy of ‘Your Guide to Connecting with The Global Emergency Services’.

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