Discover 6 Secret Tips You Need To Know Before You Call 911 Now

Call or don’t call 911 Now?

This is always the question that arises around 911 emergency services calls.

With so many warnings not to cry wolf or play games with emergency services, many people are wary of making mistakes when calling 911 emergency.

Follow six secret tips to help make a decision when a crisis arises.

#1: When in Doubt, Call Emergency Services

If there is any question whatsoever about a Calling 911 emergency, make the call.

Don’t wait for others or to clarify the situation. 911 emergency response dispatchers will not fault anyone who is making an honest effort to help others.

Emergency situations include car accidents, drowning, choking, allergic reactions, fire, a break in, bleeding, amputation, loss of consciousness, heart attack, stroke, and severe, unexplained pain.

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If you see someone in trouble, 911 calls should be made.

911 emergency dispatchers will be able to determine if there is a need for emergency services.

#2: Know your Non-emergency Services Phone Numbers

If a situation arises that is not an emergency, have your contact numbers available.

You can look in the front of the phone book or online for your local non-emergency numbers.

Look in the front of the phone book or online for your local non-emergency numbers – Click to tweet

For example, make note of the power company, animal control, the local police department, and the local fire department for non-life threatening incidents.

#3: Post Important Information by the Phone

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Put a card by your phone to provide instructions in the event of a 911 emergency.

You never know who might be making that call for emergency services.

Be sure to include the phone number, address, and any other important information.

For example, a business may require you to dial 9 first.

#4: Stay Calm

911 Emergency Services Stay Calm

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No matter how dire the situation, you need to do your best to be calm and collected when making 911 calls.

The 911 emergency dispatcher is your lifeline!

To get the fastest response, you need to be clear and concise as you provide all of the important details. If you are using a cellular phone, be very specific about location.

#5: Follow directions

Do whatever you are told.

The 911 emergency dispatcher is there to help you and may provide vital assistance while you are waiting for emergency services to arrive.

You could be given instructions for first aid that will mean the difference between life and death.

Remember to stay on the line.

#6 Be Patient Waiting for Emergency Services

Be patient while you are waiting for help during a 911 emergency.

That means not getting irritated with the emergency services dispatcher or being hard on yourself.

Remember that someone is counting on you.

Do everything you can to avoid panic.

Your calm manner can help someone to get through until the fire department, police, or paramedics arrive.

Over to You

The bottom line is that there is a likelihood at some stage in your life that you will come across an emergency of some type, not by choice may I add!

So please digest the tips above and if you are interested in watching a short video course on 911, 112 and 999 emergencies then…

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