Learn to use 911,999 & 112 Emergency Call Numbers Correctly

5 Ways To Prepare For 911 Calls

5 Ways To Prepare For A 911 Emergency Call

No one wants to make 911 calls.

However, it is best to be prepared in the event of a 911 emergency to be certain timely help will arrive for those in need.

Follow some simple tips that will ensure you and others know exactly what to do when a crisis strikes.

#1: Post an Instruction Card About 911 Calls

Instructions for emergency services

Post emergency numbers by your phone or in a highly visible place where everyone can refer to it.

While it may seem obvious to dial 911, there are some instances that need to be taken into consideration.

For example, where you live will determine which Emergency Number you call. For instance people in North America will call 911, whereas if your home is in France, you will end up calling 112.

If the instruction card is intended for a business or a school, you need to provide all pertinent information, such as the need to dial 9 or * before making an outgoing emergency 911 call.

#2: Find a Landline

Phone to make 911 CallsPhoto Credit

Always be aware of where a landline is available.

If you have the option of a landline or mobile phone in your home, use the landline for the fastest response time.

If you live in a household that only has mobile devices, be prepared to make 911 calls from a neighbor’s landline.

The response time to your call could be delayed by using a cellular phone. However, if nothing else is available, make the call on a mobile device and be very clear about your exact location.

#3: Be Aware of Potential Emergencies

Make a list of potential emergency situations.

Heart attack, severe burns, stroke, bleeding, choking, drowning, allergic reaction, loss of consciousness, and electric shock name only a few examples of instances in which it will be necessary to make a call.

Make a list of potential emergency situations.

#4: Remember to Always Stay Calm< When Making 911 Calls/h2>
Think ahead to that moment when it may be necessary to call for a 911 emergency.

You will need to remain level-headed, explain the situation clearly, and provide as many details as possible.

#5: Discuss the Proper Procedures with Family or Staff

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If you are preparing for a 911 emergency in your home, sit down and talk with all of the members of your family.

Point out your instruction card and make sure everyone understands what to do and when it is appropriate to call. This is especially important for young children.

Your little ones need to know that they should never play with the phone or dial 911 unless there truly is a need for emergency services.

When it comes to family members, if anyone suffers from a health condition, everyone should be on alert, knowing the symptoms that mean there is a need to make that call.

For example, certain members of the family may be prone to an allergic reaction, severe diabetic problems, seizures, stroke or cardiac arrest. If these problems have happened before, they could always happen again.

In a place of business, include preparation for a 911 emergency as part of staff development. All employees should be aware of the proper procedures, the address, and phone number.

In addition, if consent has been given, inform employees about co-workers with pressing health conditions. It’s best when everyone is at the ready for potential problems and knows what to do to get help.

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